It might have been translated already but

I had some time to spare between assignments, so I translated the bonus chapter of the latest (last?) Vassalord chapter. It’s been a while since I translated something from Japanese (;_;), and I have very little knowledge of the Vassalord universe (I haven’t read the manga :/), which is why I don’t know who the guy in the last panel is.

For the bonus chapter, click here.

For the translation, click the “read more”.

(Comments, corrections, suggestions for improvement are welcomed).

Page 1:

Nanae Chrono:  Thank you for buying this! <3<3 …I hope I managed to get you a little hot and bothered!!

Page 2:

Charley:  Nevertheless, I don’t mind if it’s done slowly. Little by little. Please share your burdens with me.

Page 3:

Ray: Hey, Chris, feel like having a meal?


Page 4:

Ray: H-hey…don’t slow down…ah…aah

*drool* *tremble*

(This is bad…I’ll crash.)

…I-I told you that place is off limits

(I’m sure the blood for transfusion is…)

Page 5:

Ray: Wha-what is it, Chris?

Chris:  Bite, please. If you want blood, you’re most welcome to drink mine. I haven’t tasted any other blood than yours. That is, my body is made out of your blood.

Page 6:

Chris: I can’t say it’s the same as this…but…little by little…your body will get used to it
You might even be relieved from your fear of loss…Rayflo.

Ray: Really though….it’d be great to get used to this.

Page 7:

*drip* *drip*


Page 8:

??:  Seems like he finally found a “compensation”. My Adam.

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